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Project Description

Submerse yourself into another dimension

For a limited time come play as your favorite characters from Cartoon Networks show “We Bare Bears”. The game places up to three players inside a food truck that drives around a city. Each player takes the role of one of the main characters from “We Bare Bears” (Ice Bear, Grizzly and Panda). The players are tasked with working together to prepare fast food to the orders placed by customers waiting around the city. Wearing the Wireless VR headset, and treading a vibrating motion floor system, game players will enjoy a crazy, chaotic and funny game where you play as bears trying to operate a fast food truck.

The game lasts 10 minutes and is suitable for players over 52 inches. A Fun Center employee will be on hand to help guide virtual adventurers through the experience. Come be the first in the Northwest to try out this state of the art Virtual Reality Experience.

Must be 52 inches or taller.

40 points or $10.00 + tax

WePlayVR is developed by AiSolve , a technology provider and creative production house specialising in the design and development of intelligent and responsive digital media solutions.

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