Project Description

XD Theater is a multi-seat 6D motion simulated thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination. The ride features high definition motion-based entertainment films.

Our 6D films include;

  • NEW!! Pirates Rapids, Begin from the mountaintop and ride the vertiginous water slide through the jungle park. Plunge underground to a ghost town inhabited by hostile skeleton pirates. You must fight your way out but beware of the exit path you choose! Thrills included!
  • NEW!! Dino Safari, Get onboard your jeep and enjoy a unique tour of our dinosaur reserve. You’ll get within touching distance of a giant Diplodocus and the ferocious T-Rex as you travel through our jungle. But when disaster strikes and we have a major security breach… chaos reigns. Who will escape: you or the dinosaurs?
  • Road Hoggers, There is a crazy hog farmer running loose on his tractor. He is joined by a whole clan of characters as they barrel down the road dodging vehicles and obstacles.
  • Cosmic Coaster, A wild roller coaster thrill ride through space. Reach for the stars on this thrilling ride full of twists and turns!
  • Haunted Mine, This spooky and mysterious ride takes you through an old broken-down goldmine that just happens to be haunted.
  • Jett & Jin, Jett, a young boy with a wild imagination, builds jetpacks for him and his cat, Jin, as they embark in wild adventures.
  • Canyon Coaster, an exhilarating roller coaster adventure in the canyons and caves of the American South West. One of our first XD Theater shows yet still a guest favorite!
  • Safari Adventure, Join the endangered species rescue team and stop the illegal capture of the star of the film, a baby Rhino! Set in Africa, with the beautiful Savannah as the backdrop, experience the unique animation and life-like animals, all while chasing the poachers and protecting the animals in this thrilling adventure through the wilds of Africa!

The XD Theater provides fun at an unmatched speed of up to 2 G’s and has room for 10 riders at a time!

Must be at least 44” tall to ride XD Theater and must weigh less than 250 lbs.

32 points or $8.00+tax per person

Additional Attractions