Looking for an Indoor Fun Zone? Head to Bullwinkle’s

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In the Netflix hit movie Dumplin’, a running phrase is, “Fridays don’t deserve all the attention.” And we truly couldn’t agree more! It’s important to sprinkle good times throughout the week and not wait until the weekend. That’s why we’re open nearly every day of the year, rain or sunshine. Looking for an indoor fun [...]

Bullwinkle’s is the Perfect Destination for Youth Group Events

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Have your youth group events become dull and uninteresting? Are the children getting bored or, worse still, not appearing for these activities at all? Maybe it’s time to get creative and do something outside of the box. You need to liven up these youth group events and make them entertaining enough for kids to want [...]

Plan Your Next Work Outing at Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila

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Every company needs to include some R&R time for employees to get together and enjoy a fun activity. Not only does this boost morale and encourage teamwork, but it’s also an excuse to have a good time with the people that you may only know in an office setting. The memories you make at your [...]

Your Kids Will Love the Frog Hopper Ride & These 4 Other Attractions

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Around this time of year, kids have a lot of days off school. That means, your kids will be home a lot and you’ll be looking for ways to keep them entertained. Time off school is always exciting, but it’s natural that your kids might get bored being at home for more than a few [...]

5 Tips to Improve Your Form Before Your Next Visit to Bowlwinkle’s Bowling Alley

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Bowling is a fun activity at every age, especially when you’re spending the day with your family and friends. Bumpers are imperative when you’re young, but at some point, you’ll need to learn how to keep the ball out of the gutters and hit the pins just right. It’s fun to challenge yourself to beat [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Bullwinkle’s

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At Bullwinkle’s, we know how important it is to spend quality time with loved ones. In fact, some of the best memories are created when the whole group takes on a brand new adventure together, which is why Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila is the perfect outting. In one day, you can play in the family arcade [...]

5 Family Activities You and Your Teen Will Love

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Family fun is important no matter what age your children are. It helps strengthen familial bonds and builds memories to last a lifetime. But, it can be difficult as your children get older to find activities that both you and your teenagers will enjoy together. Here at Bullwinkle's, we know all about that, which is [...]

Improve Your Mini Golf Score With These Top Tips

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Few things are more fun than heading to Tukwila Family Fun Center and joining a group of friends for a game or two of miniature golf. It’s a great way for people of all ages to get outside, have some fun, and practice their hand-eye coordination. The game is both a mental and physical one, [...]

Wondering Where to Celebrate With Your Graduate? How About Family Fun Center

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It’s a moment your graduate will never forget. Walking across the stage and accepting the diploma that represents years of hard work and dedication. Now, it’s time to help them celebrate that moment by creating lifelong family memories while indulging in a little graduation fun. At Family Fun Center, we want to share in that [...]