Have your youth group events become dull and uninteresting? Are the children getting bored or, worse still, not appearing for these activities at all? Maybe it’s time to get creative and do something outside of the box. You need to liven up these youth group events and make them entertaining enough for kids to want to participate.

It’s not easy to keep children engaged, but for your events to be effective and stay true to the purpose, you need to constantly reinvent yourself and come up with new ideas.

So set aside those traditional games and activities and take them to a new place that is sure to get them excited and keep them wanting for more. The perfect example of such a place is Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila.

This entertainment center has everything you could want in a fun outing and more, which makes it the ideal place to host youth group events. Whether you want to focus on team building or ice-breaker activities, this place offers multiple options to give kids and teenagers a fun and enriching experience.

Here are four reasons why Bullwinkle’s is the perfect destination for your next youth group event:

Exciting Rides

The best part about amusement park rides is that they’re loved by people of all ages, and what better place to spend an evening of thrills and excitement than at Bullwinkle’s?

Here at Bullwinkle’s, we offer a wide variety of exciting rides that are suited for youth groups and sure to get energy levels soaring. From a hair-raising go-kart ride to battling each other on flashy bumper cars or boats, our rides promise nothing short of great fun.

Your youth group can also experience our thrilling multi-seat 6D motion XD Theater, which features high-definition, motion-based films that will keep them engaged. The space takes 10 riders at a time and has films such as Pirates Rapids, Dino Safari, Road Hoggers, Cosmic Coasters, and many others.

Other exhilarating rides that will get pulses racing include Sling Shot, a ride that slings you high into the air, where you can turn somersaults and enjoy the view from the sky, and Frog Hopper, in which you ride up and then bounce your way down.

Do you have younger kids in your group? Bring them to Kidopolis, a soft, fun, and safe indoor playland just right for children who aren’t yet big enough for the bigger rides. They too can enjoy your youth group outing.

Fun Games

We can all agree that nothing brings people together or breaks the ice like a fun and stimulating game. Bullwinkle’s has not one or two but plenty of such games for a wide age range. What’s more, this time you don’t even have to worry about setting up and managing the games, because Bullwinkle’s has it covered.

Children can try their hand at miniature golf, which has 36 holes for them to enjoy across two golf courses, Memory Lane and Arctic Adventure, or play an action-packed fun game of LazerXtreme, making their way through music, fog, and strobe lights.

For an additional fee of only $3, you can also kindle their competitive spirits by taking them for an afternoon of bowling. Our new 16-lane bowling center has a refreshing interior and is bound to create a memorable experience for your youth group!

These enjoyable games are a wonderful way to get the youth group members to bond with each other and interact while building their teamwork skills.

Delicious Food

After a long day of sitting on exciting rides and playing fun games, all one wants is a hearty meal, and Bullwinkle offers just that—a mouthwatering range of food options that will definitely gratify the taste buds of everyone in your group.

End your day at Bullwinkle’s on a perfect note by dining at our restaurant. From original and specialty pizzas and burgers to salads, wraps, and sandwiches and more—there is plenty for the team to savor. We’ll also let you build your own pizza and sundae so they’re just the way you like them.

For your group, we recommend the group platters, which serve 8 to 10 people each. You can choose from Group Super Sampler, Group Super Chicken, and Group Super Sandwich, which offer a combination of chicken tenders, onion rings, fries, buffalo wings, turkey croissants, and more.

In addition to group platters, we also offer many other food options for large groups, including the Company Picnic, Western, Italian, Deluxe Adventure Meal, Pizza Buffet, and Pizza & Salad Buffet options, so the entire group can enjoy a delicious, lip-smacking meal.

Affordable Pricing

Hosting your next youth group event at an entertainment center sounds like a great idea, but you may be wondering about the price. Well, you can relax because coming to Bullwinkle’s doesn’t require burning a hole in your pocket. We promise a great experience at an affordable price.

Our Youth Fellowship package is $19.99 per person, excluding tax. We require a minimum of 50 people for this package, so if you have fewer people, you can request a proposal to get an exact quote for your event.

So why go anywhere else when we offer amazing rides coupled with great food at an affordable price?

All these reasons make spending your next youth event at Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila a splendid idea. Bringing the youth group to experience a new and exciting place like Bullwinkle’s will pump up their spirits and leave them with a fun and unforgettable experience that will bring them closer together.

So instead of opting for a monotonous run-of-the-mill event for the youth group, make a trip to Bullwinkle’s, and let the group experience a day filled with fun, entertainment, and action.