Entertaining the whole family this summer is easy when you visit the Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Washington!

School is out, and without something to keep your kids’ interest during the day, you’ll probably be looking for a place to spend some time with your whole family, enjoy the warm weather, and create lifelong memories. Look no further! Family Fun Center has you covered. Be sure to check out our specials for summer pricing and special events to get you started.

Bumper Boats

First, stay cool in the heat when you drive bumper boats! These water bumper boats operate like bumper cars or go karts, but on the water. Prepare for a wild ride as you bump, splash, and squirt water at your family members. Drench your family and try to stay dry, and don’t get trapped by the waterfalls (you could get drenched!).

Bumper boats with squirters for boat-to-boat water fights (spectators can be involved too for land-to-boat battles!) are available throughout the year. Squirters on boats and for guests on land are available Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you visit before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, the bumper boats will still operate, but without the squirters.

Operators for these motorized bumper boats must be 44 inches tall, and passengers must be 40 inches tall.

But that’s not all there is for outdoor fun—here are five other reasons to bring the whole family to the Family Fun Center this summer, whether you’re in for an hour, an afternoon, or the whole day!

Traffic School

What can be more thrilling or grown-up for a child than being able to drive like Mom and Dad do? Maybe your little driver is still too short to drive their own go kart or ride on another ride. Or maybe they want to do an attraction by themselves.

At Traffic School, youngsters can learn the rules of the road and drive mini kid cars, learning safety signs in a controlled setting and getting a thrill! Part of the appeal of the Family Fun Center is being able to find something fun for everyone in the family. Traffic School is best for children who are not yet tall enough to ride or operate the go karts. But this way, they still get to go driving themselves!

Miniature Golf

Something each family member can enjoy, mini golf is one of our best and most popular attractions. Different challenges present themselves at both of our 18-hole courses. Very young children can have fun developing, testing, and challenging their hand-eye coordination, and will enjoy choosing their own lucky ball out of many colors. Older kids can learn the rules of the game and compete to win against family members, keeping score as they take turns putting.

Kids and adults can compete to get the ball past each obstacle, including bridges, creeks, and caves. Be sure to check out the differently themed courses. Explore the Pacific Northwest–themed course, called Arctic Adventure, or Memory Lane, a course based on mini golf courses from the past, which includes familiar obstacles such as the School House and the Eiffel Tower. This attraction is open year-round and up to four people can play a game of golf together. Try to get a hole-in-one!

Batting Cages

Hey, sports fans! Want to get some batting practice in? Or maybe you want to put your skills to the test? Those with major league dreams can get some practice in or create a competition—how many home runs can you get? Who can hit the ball farthest?

Eight batting cages are available with a range of 40 to 70 miles per hour settings, with softball or baseball options. Helmets and bats are available for everyone.

This family fun won’t break the bank: it’s just $20 for 30 minutes or $30 for one hour during the week. Please call before you plan to visit to be sure the batting cages are operating under current weather conditions—the cages are open if the playing “field” and lower level of the cages are dry.

Outdoor Rides

This is an amusement park, after all, and you can’t forget all of the rides we have! Experience an adrenaline rush on the Screamin’ Swing as you soar through the air at 65 miles per hour. The ride stands 70 feet tall—feel negative 4 g’s of force and scream as you swing. We double dog dare you!

Next, you can see who can do the best somersaults on the Sling Shot—reach for the sky as you’re flung high into the air and view the whole park! For those who might be less adventurous, the Frog Hopper will bounce up to six kids at a time up and down. This gentler ride is perfect for younger kids who might be too short for other attractions. They can still experience a thrill!

Go Karts

Start your engines! Like the water bumper boats, enjoy some good old-fashioned motorized fun. Be sure to tie up your hair and put away your hats on this fast-paced ride. Our quarter-mile track of hairpins and banked turns will make your heart race and provide endless fun, and you might just walk away with the win.

Drivers must be 58 inches or taller to drive the go karts, and passengers must be at least 40 inches tall. Anyone driving a passenger must be 18 years or older or the child’s guardian.

The Family Fun Center has outdoor fun for everyone. Check out our attractions and get ready to have a great time. Whether your child is a thrill-seeker, a gamer, or an athlete, Family Fun Center will entertain you and your family and create those lifelong (splashin’, go-kartin’, and screamin’) memories this summer!