After a long week, nothing’s better than taking a group of friends to unwind at one of the many parks near Seattle. Or maybe you have a birthday party to plan for a group of children and you need to find something fun to do that can entertain everyone. What better place to do either of these than at the Family Fun Center?

There are plenty of great places for fun and entertainment in the Seattle area, but not many of them can provide activities for people of all ages for a reasonable price; not to mention, the Family Fun Center has great food too! Whether it’s a group of young children celebrating a birthday party, a group of teenagers celebrating the end of the school year, or even a group of adults looking for a corporate adventure, the Family Fun Center has something for everyone.

Here’s exactly why the Family Fun Center is one of our favorite amusement parks near Seattle:

Lots of Games

No matter what their ages are, chances are the group you’re trying to entertain enjoys arcade games. Even the pickiest group can grab a few tokens and run off for hours of fun. For only $20, you’ll get 100 arcade tokens, which means plenty of opportunities to challenge your friends to arcade games or score tickets to try to earn the biggest prizes. You can even grab an Indoor Pass and spend the whole day just enjoying the arcade.

But there’s a lot more to do at the Family Fun Center than just play video games. How about taking the family for a game of miniature golf? Or challenge everyone to an epic laser tag battle in the Lazer Xtreme arena? For sports fans, there are batting cages and even a whole bowling alley. Take your friends to Bowlwinkle Lanes and find out who the champion bowler is!

Jump on Some Rides

If you want the full Family Fun Center experience, you can’t forget about the rides! This is an amusement park, after all, and thrilling and exciting rides are a huge part of that.

How about hopping in some bumper cars or even trying to stay dry as you and your friends battle it out in the bumper boats? If you’re looking for speed, try the go karts. For younger children, there’s even the Family Fun Center’s Traffic School. Mini kid cars make it possible for your young children to drive around safely, all while having a thrilling experience.

Other rides include the Frog Hopper—ride it high into the air and then bounce all the way down! Or how about the Sling Shot? Don a harness and do somersaults as you are catapulted high into the sky. For the true adrenaline junkies, try the Screamin’ Swing: you can fly through the air at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour!

Bring the Kids

Often, it’s challenging for parents to plan a birthday party for younger children. This can be especially difficult if not all the children at the party are the same age. How do you keep everyone entertained? An all-ages park like the Family Fun Center is perfect because there truly is something for everyone.

If you have younger kids, they can enjoy some of the rides and games with you. Anyone of any age can tag in for miniature golf, for example. But if you’re looking for something truly aimed at young children, how about taking them to the Family Fun Center for a visit to the Kidopolis Playland? It’s four levels high and all soft play; it’s a safe place for children under 58 inches to have a thrilling—and safe—experience.

If you’re planning a birthday party, you can also take advantage of the Bullwinkle’s Birthday Package. Pick out some attractions, select some rides, and you can even upgrade to the pizza package, so you don’t have to worry about food at all. Which brings us to our next point …

Eat Some Food

A big part of the challenge of planning group events—for kids, adults, or families—is trying to feed everyone. That’s why the Family Fun Center tops the list for one of our favorite spots; they take the stress out of feeding everyone at the park. A pizza package will get you a couple of large one-topping pizzas. That’s twelve slices each, so it should be plenty for a moderately sized group, and you can always get more. You’ll also get two refillable pitchers of soda.

If you want even more food, you can order it from the restaurant, and the menu is extensive. There are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, spicy wings, and plenty of fries. If you’re looking for appetizers, there are chips and salsa and sliders to enjoy.

There are salads if you’re looking for a healthier option, and perhaps best of all: there’s dessert. Whether you’re celebrating or just enjoying the experience on any day, treat yourself to a lava cake sundae or some bite-sized churros.

Save Some Money

Everyone’s looking to save some money these days, and one of the biggest advantages of the Family Fun Center? It’s a lot more affordable than most amusement parks. Many of the most popular parks can easily run up a bill in the hundreds of dollars per person range, all while not being inclusive for all ages. But at the Family Fun Center, you can have all the fun while still pinching the pennies.

Value packages, which are available year-round, mean you can get points to enjoy the attractions no matter your budget. Make use of the party packages to get the full VIP treatment, complete with food and a reserved table. Most places won’t do that, which is why the Family Fun Center is one of our favorite amusement parks near Seattle.