Around this time of year, kids have a lot of days off school. That means, your kids will be home a lot and you’ll be looking for ways to keep them entertained.

Time off school is always exciting, but it’s natural that your kids might get bored being at home for more than a few days. It can also be a challenge to find fun activities they’ll enjoy, especially if they aren’t close in age. Your middle school child might not want to see the same movie as the one in elementary school and the older kids can get too rambunctious for the little one making play dates a challenge as well.

However, there is a place where everyone can have a fun time; Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila can give your family a perfect day of fun that all of your kids will love! We know what kids like and our attractions will provide hours of fun.

Here are five attractions that we know will put a smile on their faces:

1. Frog Hopper Ride

Covered in cute cartoon frogs, this ride immediately appeals to kids. It’s one of our amusement park-style attractions and it’s exciting for younger kids who love physical thrills.

The ride holds up to six passengers at once and lifts into the air before gently bouncing its way down to the ground, just like its amphibian namesake. It’s fun and thrilling, but it’s a calm enough ride that it’s not too intense or scary for most kids. So even if your kids aren’t the most adventurous, they’ll still love the Frog Hopper ride.

This is the perfect ride for younger kids who might be a bit too short to go on some of our other rides, but who still want to experience a thrill. All children under 58” are welcome aboard the Frog Hopper ride.

2. Mini Golf

Mini golf is one of our well-loved attractions. Kids love it and it appeals to the adults in the family. too.

It’s an activity that’s great at any age. Very young kids can have fun hitting the ball around with the club, improving their hand-eye coordination while still being a fun activity.

Older kids can play by the rules of the game, taking turns and keeping score, and competing to win against their family members.

Each hole offers a different challenge and kids love to see if they can get the ball past the obstacles into each of the holes on our 18-hole course.

And it’s not just the action of the game itself that kids love. Even the little things make mini golf a treat like picking out the color of their golf ball. Which is luckier, the purple ball or the green ball?

Plus, you as a parent can have fun with mini golf too as up to four people can play a game of golf together; perfect for your next family outing.

Our mini golf course is open year-round and is a great option to get outside in a way that’s not part of your usual routine.

3. Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats

Driving is exciting for kids. They’ve played driving video games and they’ve seen adults drive real cars.

While they might be a bit too young to drive a real car, our Bumper Cars are just the right speed for kids.

Let them navigate their bumper cars around our arena while waging a friendly battle with you and your other family members. The cars spin, bump, and crash into each, so watch out! It’s a fun experience that’s sure to make everyone leave with a smile.

If it’s a warmer day, why not head outside to the Bumper Boats? This attraction is similar to our Bumper Cars but on water. And on really warm days, they’re even equipped with squirters to amp up the fun.

Don’t worry if it’s winter! From Labor Day to Memorial Day, the squirters are turned off, so your kids can enjoy the attraction year-round, as long as it’s not too cold or rainy.

Younger kids between 40 and 44 inches can join in the fun and ride as a passenger with an adult, and older kids can drive their own boats.

4. Bowling at Bullwinkle Lanes

There’s something special about a bowling alley; maybe it’s the atmosphere of neon lights and energetic music or maybe it’s the game itself and the excitement of getting a strike. Or maybe it’s just the unique experience; after all, you don’t go bowling every day!

Whatever it is that makes it special, kids love going bowling, and your whole family is sure to have fun at our Bowlwinkle Lanes.

Like with mini golf, everyone in your family can bowl no matter how young they are as we offer lane bumpers and ball ramps to help even the most inexperienced family members have an enjoyable time.

Want to make the day extra special? Order food to your lane; we offer kid-friendly favorites like pizza and burgers that you can nibble on between turns.

5. Kidopolis Playland

All our rides and games are entertaining and well-loved by kids. But sometimes, nothing beats the simple enjoyment of crawling through the twisty tubes of a play structure. And for younger kids, the Kidopolis Playland offers a great space to let out some of that energy.

Your kids will enjoy navigating the many tunnels, ramps, and slides for hours on end, leaving you free to relax while they have fun with their siblings and friends.

Playland makes for an excellent rainy day activity. If your favorite outside parks and play areas are rained out, Kidopolis Playland is a nice, dry environment to play instead.

Plus, supervising adults get in for free.

So, what are you going to do during your kids’ next day off from school? Head over to Bullwinkle’s in Tukwila where they can hop on the Frog Hopper ride, aim for a strike at Bowlwinkle Lanes, or ram into their siblings in the Bumper Cars.

And, as a bonus to you, we offer discount packages and specials to help your family enjoy more of their favorite attractions for less.