Did you hear the exciting news? A new Wilsonville bowling alley has opened up. How do we know this? Because it’s here at Bullwinkle’s! Have you visited us yet? If the answer to that is no, well, why not?

We are committed to family fun, and that’s why we have opened this bowling alley—for you and your family to enjoy. Think about your own childhood. Do you have memories of going bowling with your family? We want you to be able to give those same memories to your children. At our new bowling alley, you’ll be able to do just that.

Regardless of whether or not you have already visited our bowling alley, we want to help you improve your game. Don’t you want to impress your children or your friends or your significant other? We sure want you to! Here are five ways to improve your game before you visit our new Wilsonville bowling alley.

Learn the Correct Walk

You may think that all you need to do is walk up to the lane, but there’s a specific way in which you should be walking that can help your bowling game. Professional bowlers use a five-step approach. Though we hope that you one day reach this level, you shouldn’t start off doing this (unless of course you already are a bowling professional!). Instead, as a beginner, you should use a four-step approach.

What’s the beauty of this? You can practice this without even having to throw the ball or be at a bowling alley. To properly practice this four-step approach, keep your shoulders square to the front. Then make sure that your arm swing is smooth and that your pace is both even and consistent.

Learn the Correct Roll

That is right, we said roll, not throw. You should not be “throwing” the bowling ball. You should be rolling it instead. One way to practice and to improve your bowling game is to spend time rolling the ball.

We understand if you may be confused by the difference between rolling or throwing. Does the ball make a loud sound when you let go of it? This tends to mean that you are throwing rather than rolling. Bowling balls that are rolled do not make a noise. Additionally, they’ll more quickly roll down the lane. If you have realized that you actually do throw the ball, all you really need to do is slow down a bit. One good trick is to take a deep breath before bowling. By rolling the ball rather than throwing it, you’ll likely hit more pins.

Spend Time Daydreaming

This may seem silly, but it works! Picture and fully visualize your shots. But also, go beyond this. Visualize your movements prior to rolling the ball as well. Take a moment and imagine yourself rolling that perfect strike.

While you are partaking in this daydreaming, think about your past bowling. Does your ball usually tend to lean to one side over the other? If your ball usually goes too far left, picture yourself leaning a little further right. You’ll be able to visualize the difference. Then once you get to the alley, make this a reality and try it out.

Practice Even Outside of an Alley

“But how can I do this?” Well, any smooth surface will do, as long as it’s a long, unobstructed distance. Now, we are not recommending rolling heavy bowling balls in your backyard and ruining your grass (or potentially damaging any property). What we are recommending you do is practice your approach. As we mentioned above, you have already visualized your approach. Now act it out. Practice your walk. Practice your release. Practice rolling rather than throwing. All of these movements can be made without actually being at a bowling alley. They say practice makes perfect, right? And by practicing this even outside of a bowling alley, you are working towards this goal.

One way to practice the swing of your arm is to use a bucket of water with a small hole at the bottom. Why with a hole? Well, because you want some of the water to drip out! These water drops that have fallen to the ground will actually show you the path of your arm, in turn showing you the direction that the bowling ball would be going if you were actually rolling one. Of course, please make sure you are not practicing this on a floor that can easily be damaged.

Buy a Bowling Ball

People tend to do better when they use something that’s their own. This is why if you are serious about bowling, you should invest in your own bowling ball. Using one that’s specific to you and that you’re familiar with will allow you to be more comfortable and will help you improve your game. Plus, it’s yours, so you’ll cherish it more.

If you have your own bowling ball, you can get used to the weight and the feel of it, even when you aren’t at the alley. You can practice holding it and swinging it. Just don’t let go of it unless you are somewhere that’s safe (and you don’t mind potential damage).

There are so many ways that you can improve your game before coming to our new Wilsonville bowling alley at Bullwinkle’s for a day of fun. The best part is that all of the above can be done without even having to set foot in a bowling alley. Take advantage of the above tips, and you’ll be one step closer to looking like a professional by the time you come and bowl. We can’t wait to see everything that you have learned. You’ll be sure to impress everyone that you are with and us as well. And, for your convenience, here’s a list of our prices and hours. We hope to see you (and your beautiful swing) soon!