Back-to-school is a busy time of the year. It’s a time of change as your kids’ transition into their new classrooms, meeting their teachers and making new friends. It also means your focus shifts to homework and shuffling between activities. You were able to spend so much quality time together in the summer, but suddenly you’re lucky if you sit down to enjoy dinner together at the end of a long day.

It’s certainly a busy season, but you should still make time for family fun and maybe even surprise the kids with a treat for starting the school year on the right foot. Bullwinkle’s is just the ticket!

Children’s amusement centers are an excellent place to bring your family. There’s something fun for everyone. Does your family like to spend quality time over a round of miniature golf or do they prefer the excitement of go karts and zip lining? Even if everyone has completely different interests, we’ve got a ton of options for you that are sure to make everyone’s day brighter.

Here are some great ways you can celebrate going back to school with us!

Host a Group Event

It can be challenging to find a place that a big group of kids and their parents can all agree on. Planning a get-together for your scout troop? Celebrating the beginning of the season for your kid’s sports team? No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Party packages aren’t just for birthdays, and you can get great deals no matter what your group’s needs.

Our food packages appeal even to picky eaters. We offer multiple buffet-style options, including pizza, American food, and southern BBQ. Or you can buy individual pizza meals for everyone. Party packages include reserved tables in our dining area, so you’ll have a special area to socialize just for your group.

Bullwinkle’s offers a great place for your group to get to know one another better and develop important teamwork skills that they can bring back to the classroom and the sports field.

And while the kids are busy playing, parents, teachers, and coaches can get to know one another in a relaxed environment with delicious food and drink, at least until you decide to take part in the fun!

Fun for All Ages

If you’re looking for an alternative to board game night, Bullwinkle’s is the perfect place. We have something that all of your family members will enjoy.

If you have younger kids, the Kidopolis play area makes for a great, safe space for them to run around, while older kids will have a blast running around the laser tag arena and trying something new on the XD Dark Ride.

If you have both older and younger kids, there are also attractions that appeal to everyone, like miniature golf, bumper boats, and arcade games.

As a parent, you can give yourself a break while the kids are having fun. Or join in and feel like a kid again as you challenge one another to various activities.

Great Playdate

If your kid is getting to know new friends, going to Bullwinkle’s as a playdate provides a perfect opportunity to bond. Plus, it can help wear off some of that after-school energy. If you’re bored of always hosting playdates at your house, mix things up and give the kids a treat by taking them on an adventure.

No matter what your kids and their friends enjoy, they’ll have fun here. Adventurous, active kids will enjoy the Sky Trail ropes course and our go karts. Gamers will love competing with their friends for the high score on our selection of over 100 arcade machines.

With the start of school comes the onset of the rain and cold. Children’s amusement centers make for a good indoor activity if it’s too wet outside to go to the park or play in the backyard. We have lots of fun activities to provide hours of entertainment, even indoors.

And don’t worry, your kids and their friends can also learn while they play. Activities like miniature golf and laser tag help develop hand-eye coordination. Even video games like skee ball, hoop shooting, and air hockey improve focus and accuracy.

Kids can also practice their math skills. Have them add up their miniature golf scores or calculate how many more points they’ll need to win to earn a prize at the arcade.

Easy to Plan

Back-to-school season can be stressful for you and the kids. They have to adjust to new classes and teachers and you have to establish a new morning routine, adjust your schedule to attend school events, and make sure everyone is doing their homework. You don’t want to spend your personal time planning your next family outing. You want it to be simple.

At Bullwinkle’s, the work is done for you. All you have to do is show up. And it’s the perfect arena for everyone to shed some stress and just have a great time together.

Want to make life even easier? Pick up an unlimited pass when you arrive.

There are a few different types of unlimited passes. These passes allow your family to have hours of entertainment at our attractions and come with a $5 arcade credit.

Staying inside because of the rain today? Select the indoor pass and gain access to every attraction that will keep you dry.

Coming in during the evening? We also offer a discount pass for that, so you can enjoy attractions at a lower price.

On weekends or days off school, our Extreme Passes might appeal to you instead. These give you unlimited access to all of our popular attractions for many hours of fun.

Purchase passes in-person or save a few dollars and some time by completing your purchase online.

Special Deals

At Bullwinkle’s, we frequently offer great deals so your family can save money on fun.

Check our specials page, as we offer periodic offers to help you save even more money. Past specials have included discounts on certain days and package deals on attractions and food.

You can also sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about new offers, discounts, and attractions.

Ready to have fun with the kids again? We can’t wait to see you at Bullwinkle’s in Wilsonville.