It is not always easy finding something to do that the entire family loves, especially when you have children who aren’t close in age. Having family fun days are important, though! At Bullwinkle’s Entertainment, we understand this, which is why we want to solve your problem for you.

At Bullwinkle’s, we have so many different options for you and your family to choose from, from laser tag to go karts and more! The best part of all of this? It won’t break the bank. We understand the importance of having family fun on a budget, and we want to help with that, so we offer the Bullwinkle’s Extreme Day Pass.

For one low price, you and your family can ride and play all day long! Our Extreme Day Pass is offered every day, regardless of the season and is our best value at just $35.95 per person. Now, what do you get for this price? Let’s take a further look at all the fun you can be having, from laser tag to go karts and everything in between.

Laser Tag

We take our laser tag to the next level with our Lazerxtreme arena, where virtual reality comes to life right in front of you. In addition to getting a cool laser gun to use against your opponents, the arena is filled with fog, strobe lights, and music!

This attraction usually costs $9 per person per game, but with our Extreme Pass, you can play as many games as you would like.

Sky Trail Ropes Course

With our Extreme Pass, you aren’t just confined to indoor activities—enjoy the outdoors as well. Our Sky Trail ropes course is perfect for this. Laying 20 feet above the ground, you have four different rope obstacles to maneuver through. If you don’t succeed the first time, be sure to try again.

Usually, this costs $7 per person per time, but you can continue to conquer the course as many times as you would like.

Miniature Golf

Whether it’s raining or the sun is shining outside, our miniature golf area is open. We have two different beautifully landscaped courses you can choose to play on, or if you are up for it, you can play on both! Each course has 18 holes with various obstacles, including a castle and creeks.

These courses typically cost $9 per person, however, you can play as many times as you would like. This means you don’t even have to hesitate about saying yes to a rematch!

Bumper Boats

Our bumper boats consist of motorized boats that allow you to squirt and bump fellow boaters. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even try to trap your friends and family near the waterfalls found throughout the course.

In bumper boats, you can either be the driver (if you are 18 years of age or older) or the passenger. Without our Extreme Day pass, you would have to pay a separate price for each—$8 for the driver and $3 for the passenger. However, with the pass, you have unlimited rides.

Please note that the squirters are only available from the spring through the fall.

Kidopolis Playground

Are the above activities still a bit too old for your young children? That’s why we also have the Kidopolis Playground as a great attraction to be enjoyed. This is a giant four-story indoor soft play area that your child will be sure to love. They have the option to play, climb, slide, swing, and jump around as much as they’d like! In addition to this, parents have a perfect seating area where they can watch their children have a blast.

Adults are always free, however, the price for children three years and older runs at $6 per child. As you may have guessed, with our Extreme Day Pass, your children can enjoy this playground as much as they want!

Frog Hopper Ride

This ride fits six children at a time and is the best choice if your child is younger but wants to feel like a thrill seeker. They can ride this attraction high into the air, and then they get to bounce their way down, just like a frog bounces. This is definitely one of those rides that will have your child saying, “Again, again!” The great part is that your child can ride this again and again, at no extra cost to you.

With our Extreme Day Pass, your children can ride the Frog Hopper as many times as they would like.

Go Karts

Last but not least, try out our go karts. What is a family fun center without go karts! Our quarter-mile track is filled with hairpins and banked turns.

If you don’t win the first time, you can try again as many times as you would like, without having to worry about our regular $9 per driver/$3 per passenger fee. Just keep racing!

In addition to all of the attractions mentioned above, with our Extreme Day Pass, you have the availability to add on an Unlimited XD Dark Ride and Soaring Eagle Zip Line for just $6 per person. Usually, both of these attractions cost $8 per person per ride, making this add-on deal even better.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family day that won’t break the bank or leave anyone bored, Bullwinkle’s is for you. From laser tag to go karts, there is something here for children of all ages.

Additionally, by having the ability to enjoy each attraction an unlimited number of times, you don’t have to worry about losing a challenge, as you can continue to have rematches until everyone wins. Or, if there is one attraction in particular that you and your family absolutely love, you can confidently go on it as many times as you like, without having to worry about how much money you’re spending. Our Extreme Day Pass is the perfect way to spend the day.