Spending time together as a family is one of the most important things you can do. It creates memories, strengthens bonds, spreads familial love, and is fun! Plus, it has an impact on your children for longer than you may realize. It shows them the importance of family and reminds them of how much you really care about them. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find family fun in Oregon that is suitable for the entire family. That’s why at Bullwinkle’s we’re here to help. We are a top family entertainment center where children of all ages (and adults too!) will have fun.

It’s important to develop more fun family activities that you can spend your weekends and school breaks doing together. Look no further than right here at Bullwinkle’s. We’re a one-stop shop to make family fun in Oregon easy for you.

Play Together as a Family

What is more fun than playing? Playing together as a family! There are so many different ways your family can play together. However, that can sometimes be overwhelming. What should you do? At Bullwinkle’s, we have it all. Plus, with our Extreme Day Pass, you can play together all day, and it won’t break the bank.

With attractions that everyone will enjoy, our options are a huge hit and always lead to family fun. From go karts to laser tag to the Soaring Eagle Zipline, there really is something to suit everyone’s definition of fun. Plus, if your child wants to go on a ride that you don’t want to go on, you can let them. You can still watch and cheer them on from the sidelines. Your kids will feel so special that they have their own, loud audience.

Experience Your Childhood Games with Your Children

Did you spend time miniature golfing with your family as a child? Or maybe your family was really into bowling while you were growing up? Or did you live near an adventure center that had bumper boats? If these are all things that you enjoyed as a child, allow your children to experience them too. There’s a great chance that if you loved it when you were their age, they will love it too. Plus, they’ll likely think it’s special to share in an experience that you also had as a child.

At Bullwinkle’s, we have all of your childhood games available to you and your family. Miniature golf, bowling, bumper boats, and the above-mentioned go karts are just some examples of the attractions we have to make you feel like a kid again. We can assure you that your children will love seeing their parents acting like a kid again!

Go to an Arcade

Who doesn’t love playing games and winning? We’re sure that you did as a child, and we are also sure that your children will as well. Whether you are playing a one-person or two-person arcade game or a family game, everyone will bask in the excitement of winning.

Help your children test their skills on popular arcade games like Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal. Furthermore, celebrate your favorite family movies in a different way—by playing an arcade game based on them! For instance, we have a great Wizard of Oz game that your family will love. Take things to the next level by quoting the movie or having your kids pretend they are one of the characters while playing the game!

With over 100 video and redemption games, your odds of winning are pretty high. Your children will love the glory of receiving winning tickets and then getting to redeem them for a special prize. Plus, you’ll love seeing the smiles on their faces (or providing them with extra tickets that you won for them!).

Eat Together as a Family

Mealtime should always be a great time for a family. But sometimes you want to shake things up a bit—you want to do something a bit more special for your family than sitting around your kitchen table. If this is something you’re looking for, go out to eat as a family. Your child will think it’s fun changing up the same old routine and getting to eat in a different environment, especially one like Bullwinkle’s Restaurant that’s surrounded by fun things. Plus, you deserve a break from cooking too!

At Bullwinkle’s, we have a vast menu where everyone will find something to enjoy. Or you can opt to enjoy some of our shareables as a family and get to experience a little bit of everything. Use this time as you’re sitting and eating as a family to have conversations with your children. Ask them what their favorite part of playing was. Or what they want to do together as a family next weekend. Or which attraction was their favorite.

There are so many different ways to develop family fun in Oregon it can almost be overwhelming. What should we do next? That’s why at Bullwinkle’s we’ve created a place where there are so many attractions and different things to do that it’s never boring. Furthermore, regardless of the weather, with indoor and outdoor attractions, you don’t have to worry about your family fun being hindered or canceled. There’s no longer a need to simply sit at home in front of the television on a rainy day! Where’s the fun in that?

All of the above are just some great ways to help you develop more family fun activities. We’re sure that your children will be talking about their family day at Bullwinkle’s for weeks (even months!) to come. If you haven’t visited us yet, stop by and see for yourself. We promise that your entire family will have fun. There really is something for everyone!